MackayMitchell Envelope is currently Master Qualified in G7 Colorspace for proofing. MackayMitchell has an internal G7 Expert who maintains our company's G7 Master Qualifications. MackayMitchell has a comprehensive prepress department using industry leading technology, including: Computer-to-plate digital workflows High definition flexographic plating Standard flexographic plating Lithography plating Digital soft-proofing for an improved approval process Esko workflow software G7 Master Qualified in Colorspace Proofing (4-color process only) Supported software applications Adobe Creative Suite InDesign Illustrator Photoshop Adobe Acrobat Quark version 15 and Our prepress workflows use a "one file, multiple use" philosophy. The single high-resolution PDF created from the Esko workflow is used for proofing, plating, and the creation of the soft-proofing PDF. This provides a level of security for our customer's who know their produced envelopes will be consistent to the approved proof.

Innovative Envelopes

Ensure clients remember your brand with custom envelopes designed by our dedicated team.


MackayMitchell Envelope is currently Master Qualified in G7 Grayscale printing in both Lithography and Flexography. We are currently the only envelope manufacturer in the U.S. that is G7 Master Qualified in Flexography! What is G7? G7 methodology is the world's first gray management system for four-color process printing using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. G7 is ISO 12647-2 compliant and it is the best way to control any color printing workflow. GRACoL and SWOP are color specifications that are based on G7. MackayMitchell uses GRACoL 2013 C or UC as its color specification for proofing and printing. What are the benefits of G7? G7 ensures consistent neutral tonality and gray balance. This ensures the print is visually consistent with the proof, regardless of which machine your artwork is printed on. Improved color consistency within runs and between production runs. Reruns have visually consistent color between runs. Shared neutral appearance on multiple media substrates. Substrates have different white point values or colors. G7 is substrate relative, meaning the substrate color is not taken into account. Grayscale balance can be applied to any substrate; however, paper is the fifth color in four-color process and will adjust the color of the print and artwork. Printing Capabilities Lithography Printing Roll-to-roll Up to 9 color with UV 24", 26", 28" repeats Flexography Printing Up to 6 colors Enhanced Flexography Printing State-of-the-art technology Up to 6 colors, including 4-color process on our SW presses Fast, economical solution Web and blank fed production lines All sizes, up to 12.5" x 15.5"

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