MackayMitchell Envelope is currently Master Qualified in G7 Grayscale printing in both Lithography and Flexography.

We are currently the only envelope manufacturer in the U.S. that is G7 Master Qualified in Flexography!

What is G7?

G7 methodology is the world's first gray management system for four-color process printing using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. G7 is ISO 12647-2 compliant and it is the best way to control any color printing workflow.

GRACoL and SWOP are color specifications that are based on G7. MackayMitchell uses GRACoL 2013 C or UC as its color specification for proofing and printing.

What are the benefits of G7?

G7 ensures consistent neutral tonality and gray balance. This ensures the print is visually consistent with the proof, regardless of which machine your artwork is printed on.

Improved color consistency within runs and between production runs. Reruns have visually consistent color between runs.

Shared neutral appearance on multiple media substrates. Substrates have different white point values or colors. G7 is substrate relative, meaning the substrate color is not taken into account. Grayscale balance can be applied to any substrate; however, paper is the fifth color in four-color process and will adjust the color of the print and artwork.

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We have a variety of printing needs with big quantities and quick turnarounds and no matter what I ask for, MackayMitchell always finds a way to do it.

James D. Insurance Industry

They make the whole process of professional printing seem effortless. I highly recommend MackayMitchell for any project.

Janet H. Charitable Organization
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